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Large Group Functional Training at No Body Denied FitnessWhat is LGT? LGT stands for Large-Group Training. LGT is our brand new scientifically designed exercise program that simultaneously focuses on the four main components of true fitness:  Fat Loss, Core Strength, Muscle Tone, and Cardiovascular conditioning.  These 30 minute personal training classes were developed after 3 years of intense exercise trials and observations, using thousands of test subjects. Each LGT class is led by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers who will motivate and instruct you to success.  These classes have a maximum capacity of only 12 clients so you will consistently receive the attention necessary to maximize your results.  LGT was designed to give you your very own personal trainer each and every workout. Each LGT class is extremely unique and is built to burn fat, build muscle and create a surge of power and endurance that you never thought you could have. You can literally burn up to 500 calories in each 30 minute LGT class. The best part is that you can take as many classes as your schedule and your body can handle.

“Fitness is Life and Life is Motion”

Why LGT? After 22 plus years of building health clubs we have identified that 64% of new members drop out and stop exercising within the first 45 days of joining.  The reason for this is the lack of instruction and antiquated technology.  As a result frustration and confusion sets in and the member gives up all together.  LGT is a service that is so tremendously needed in this day in age. As we speak, 68.7% of all people in the USA are either overweight or obese. This comes from the fact that those individuals are not  educated on health & fitness, have no structured program and lastly, have a hard time finding a program that they can afford. We have done our part to change this statistic by creating LGT which will burn fat, increase muscle and literally transform your body while being incredibly affordable at less than $2.50 per day. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can have a Personal Trainer every single workout to guide you, motivate you and get you the results that you want.  Most people might say that this can’t be done, but we did it because quite simply we are in the business of changing lives. Here at NBD we understand that fitness is not your profession it’s ours.
“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.  ~Edward Stanley”
Getting Started LGT is now officially ready and primed to transform your life.  We know that reaching your Health & Fitness goals is a complicated and overwhelming task that you should not have to do on your own. We here at NBD believe that “No Body should be Denied” the right to look and feel their best each and every day. We promise to do our part in educating, instructing and motivating you through our LGT Program every single workout. Now all we need is for you to do your part and commit to your goals and commit to LGT. We know that commitment starts with baby steps and that’s why all you need to do to get on the right path today is take One Free LGT class on us to understand the power of LGT. Book your free class today with any of our NBD staff.
“There is no better day than yesterday, than today to finally start on an exercise program that will guarantee results!!” 

Results may change from person to person.

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