Meet Nia

"Hey everyone! My name is Nia and I am excited to be a part of the NBD Fitness team.

I found my love for physical activity early on in life as a child enrolled in multiple dance disciplines. I continued dancing as a hobby through high school, college, and thereafter. Over the years I suffered from multiple injuries sustained from my dance practice which landed me under the care of physical therapists, personal trainers, and recovery specialists.

My experience with these fitness professionals helped me understand the value that proper training, recovery and nutrition can have on the way one feels. This inspired me to become certified as a personal trainer with the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). During my studies at NPTI I took a specific interest in functional training, mobility, and corrective exercise. This led me to obtain further education under the Functional Range Systems with my FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist and FRA (Functional Range Assessment) Specialist certifications. I also strongly believe in the mind-body connection, which led me to become a Certified Yoga Teacher (200hr).

I feel incredibly passionate about helping others by giving them the tools to improve the way their body moves and feels. By implementing methods such as: recovery services, mobility training and functional/corrective programming I aim to give my clients solutions to help reduce pain and discomfort while helping to improve range of motion, strength, and body awareness. I look forward to helping your body feel more optimal as we work to reach your overall goals."

Fitness Professional